Certification of Added Qualification in Sports Medicine

The Sports Medicine Examination program for a certified of added qualifications is conjointly developed by interested osteopathic specialty boards and the American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine. A Sports Medicine Conjoint Examination Committee has representation from each participating specialty board and academy.

This program is designed to recognize excellence among those who provide care to persons who participate in athletics or exercise programs. The examination evaluates an understanding of the scientific basis of the problems involved in sports medicine, the familiarity with the current advances in sports medicine, the possession of sound judgment and of a high degree of skill in the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures involved in the practice of sports medicine.

Applications for the 2014 Sports Medicine CAQ Certification and OCC (formerly known as Recertification Examinations) can be completed online by visiting the www.aoesm.org website. Everything must be submitted online.

Questions can also be submitted through the www.aoesm.org website.

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