Cognitive Assessment Examination
(previously FRCE)

Overview and Eligibility Requirements

Diplomats will be required to take this examination every ten years to maintain certification. It should be noted that Diplomats may take the Cognitive Assessment Examination as early as 2 years prior to the expiration of their certification status. Diplomats also have a maximum of 3 years after the expiration of their certification status to successfully complete the cognitive assessment examination. Your board certification is lost when your certificate expires. Once this process is successfully completed, diplomats will receive a certificate that will be valid for ten (10) years.

The cognitive assessment exam consists of a computerized multiple choice component and an oral examination component. The entire Table of Specificity and its Core Content will be covered in the cognitive assessment exam.

The oral exams are composed of two clinical stations. Each clinical testing station consists of two patient encounters. The candidate is given 30 minutes to complete the two cases. Each clinical encounter is designed to give candidates a clear and consistent set of conditions under which they are expected to evaluate and treat the simulated patient. Testing materials for each case include a narrative description, and accompanying 12-lead EKGs, monitor strips, lab test results, and medical images which are projected on a monitor for the candidate’s viewing. Candidates should "work through" these cases much as they do in daily practice, and be prepared to do so in a timely manner. Candidates are graded on their ability to perform a history and physical examination, order and interpret appropriate diagnostic studies, arrive at a differential diagnosis, treat as necessary, and determine disposition. Candidates are also graded on their demonstration of interpersonal skills, appropriateness of actions, and professional behavior.

The written is a computerized test given is offered at over 300 testing sites across the nation. You have 2 hours and thirty minutes to complete approximately 125 questions. You are highly recommended to review the tutorial and instruction page for the test.

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Cognitive Assessment Exam Tutorial