Part II Oral Examination
Certification Requirements

Following successful completion of the Written Examination, Part I, candidates will be notified of the date and time of the Oral Examination.

  1. Content
    The purpose of the Oral Examination is to evaluate the candidate's clinical ability and skill in diagnosing and treating emergency department cases. This is to include, but not limited to: interpretation of diagnostic studies and the recognition of disease presentations, description of emergency procedures and developing the appropriate differential diagnosis and therapeutic plan for the presented clinical cases.
  2. Format
    The format of the Oral Examination will be clinical presentations, either involving specific data related to Emergency Medicine cases or in simulated patient encounter stations involving Emergency Medicine cases. The candidates will be evaluated regarding their ability to use the Osteopathic concept in these clinical situations. Additionally, the candidate's ability to recognize visual representation of various clinical presentations will be tested along with description of emergency medicine procedures.
For an application, please download one of the following documents: