AOBEM Practice Performance Guideline

The Practice Performance component of cognitive assessment consists of a process whereby you, the practicing clinician, assess the quality of care you provide by comparing it to that of your peers and to national benchmarks, and through that process improve your care through application of “best evidence” and consensus recommendations.

Beginning in 2013, diplomats will need to perform a practice assessment as a part of the Osteopathic Continuous Certification. It will be performed twice in a 10 year recertification cycle as noted in the practice performance document. This component of Continuous Certification consists of a process whereby the practicing clinician assesses the quality of his/her care provided by comparing it to that of peers and national benchmarks. This process promotes improved care through application of "best evidence" and consensus recommendations. The completed Practice Performance Forms must be submitted online to AOBEM once in year 1-5 and once in year 6-10 of the diplomat’s certification cycle. No charts will need to be submitted. The process consists of 4 steps as outlined below:

Step 1

To initiate the process, identify a target area for clinical improvement. The target area may be a disease entity, a clinical care issue, or an access to care issue (e.g., through-put, or left before treatment). The target area requires a population or clinical issue that is measurable for improvement and has recognized comparison data available. The clinician will need to choose appropriate data points as measures of quality.

Step 2

Collect and review data points from 10 patient charts from the targeted area of study. The clinician must choose patient charts from his/her own patient practice.

Step 3

The data points from the 10 charts are then compared to evidence-based guidelines or expert consensus statements or comparable peer data. Interpretation and analysis of the data points can then be used to identify areas for improvement. Next, develop and implement a practice performance improvement program. This plan may include an educational piece, personal reminders, or a change in process.

Step 4

After implementation of the process improvement plan, review at least 10 new charts of the targeted area of improvement. Measure and analyze the data, and then evaluate for improvement.

The physician must complete the Practice Performance attestation form and submit to AOBEM once in year 1-5 and once in year 6-10 of their recertification cycle. They must include the name of an administrator with oversight and knowledge of the activity that can confirm the practice performance component was completed. The verifier can be chairman of the department, medical director, director of performance improvement, chief of staff, or practice director in non-hospital settings. A certain percentage of verifiers will be contacted.

Those physicians not involved in clinical practice must complete the AOBEM Recertification Non-Clinical Form. Those physicians not involved in clinical practice are still required to complete the practice performance module. Should these physicians return to active practice, they will be required to immediately perform a component 4 practice performance activity and complete a COLA module within one year of return to practice.

For more information regarding Practice Performance, please complete and download the following documents:

Diplomats shall supply an attestation to AOBEM as prescribed. Of those attestations each year, a percentage shall be randomly audited. This shall take the form of verification by contacting the reference named on the attestation.