Registration Information

How to Register

Once in the system, the candidate should follow instructions and on-screen prompts to be able to correctly use the system to accomplish what is required by the candidate.

  1. Registration Code
    After a list of candidates approved to take the Recertification examination is received by the NBOME from AOBEM, a secure, 11-digit code will be mailed to each candidate. This code is required to enter the registration system at the NBOME website

  2. NBOME Registration
    Upon entry of their registration code, candidates will be prompted to choose a new password and enter required information.

  3. Scheduling an Examination Date & Test Center
    Following registration at the NBOME website, candidates may schedule an examination site (appointment) through the NBOME website. (Please note that there may be a slight delay between registering with the NBOME and the ability to schedule an examination site on the NBOME website.)

    Candidates may register and schedule an examination as early as six (6) months in advance of a scheduled test date, provided that they are eligible. Candidates are strongly advised to schedule at least 90 days before a scheduled test date in order to increase the likelihood that they will obtain the date when and where they wish to test.

    To begin the scheduling process, candidates will be prompted to choose their desired testing program [“National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners (NBOME)”] and the country and state in which they wish to test. In order to schedule an examination site, candidates must have registered with the NBOME registration system and have their NBOME six-digit identification number available. After entering their NBOME identification number, the candidate will be given a list of test centers from which to choose in the state they entered. If the preferred test site is no longer available, candidates may browse for alternative test centers.

    ADA candidates are reminded that they may not register for an accommodated examination until their request has been approved by the NBOME in writing.

  4. Scheduling Confirmation
    After scheduling an examination date, candidates will receive a confirmation number on-line from the NBOME. This number can be used to confirm the scheduled examination on the website. It is also needed to reschedule or cancel a scheduled examination. Candidates will also receive an e-mail confirmation of their registration and scheduling.  Confirmation of registration and scheduling will be sent via e-mail ONLY.

    NBOME rules require that an eligible and approved candidate must schedule to test more than 120 hours in advance of the scheduled date and time in order to test.

    Candidates attempting to register and schedule for the first time for a scheduled test date and time (appointment) less than 120 hours prior to a scheduled test date and time will be listed as a “no show” candidate and will be denied access to the examination.

    If a candidate intentionally or mistakenly schedules a test appointment within 120 hours of the scheduled test date and time, he or she will be charged an administrative fee of $225.00. This fee will be incurred in addition to the regular examination fee in order for the candidate to register and schedule a new test date.

    There will be no refunds of this administrative fee, and there will be no exceptions to this rule.