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The Certification Part I Practice Items included with this program are primarily designed to assist the candidate in navigating through the examination, and are provided to facilitate the actual testing experience. They are NOT designed to give the candidate a score or provide information about how a candidate might actually perform on the examination. When an answer choice is selected, it will not be recorded for scoring and the selection will not be saved once another item is viewed. If you wish to track your answer choices, you must record them on paper. A special function is provided that allows you to view the correct answer for each item by clicking on the “Show Answer” button located below the answer choices.

The “Show Answer” button will NOT appear on the actual examination.

For security reasons, this program does not permit the use of all the functions provided in the actual examinations. The candidate is provided with a sample of the review screen, but this does not permit the use of the review function as is available in the actual examination. Although a timer will run in the upper right corner, it does not reflect the actual exam time allotted for a 50-item section and the timer will automatically restart once time has run out. Also, comments entered cannot be saved.

Content, format and policy applying to the Certification Examination Part I may change from time to time.  Candidates are strongly advised to frequently visit the AOBEM website at www.aobem.org for the most up-to-date information.  This website is the official source for accurate information regarding AOBEM policy, regulations, and procedures.

The CBT Tutorial & Practice Items are best used with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5 or above at a resolution of 1024 x 768 or above. Using another internet browser or screen resolution may cause some features to malfunction.